Introduction to AI for Healthcare Systems


Basic knowledge about Artificial Intelligent


Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industrial 4.0) impacts Healthcare systems tremendously


Deep Learning Technology


Robotics in Medical Devices


Wireless Control and Remote Monitoring for Nursing and Family Healthcare


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Artificial Intelligent for Healthcare Systems


Artificial Intelligent (AI), as an advanced technology, plays a crucial role in today and tomorrow's industrials all over the world. It also significantly impact healthcare systems with an unimaginable potential. As Dr. Bertalan Meskoen visions [1] that healthcare industrial will become the lead in fourth industrial revolution, in which AI for medical devices and treatment become important technical setting. It will significantly change people's daily life and innovate the medical treatments and healthcare methods into incredible and prevention services. Many well-established helathcare industrials and outstanding technology firms lead many realistic projects in this doamin and bring revolutionary changes to human's healthcare. [2]

MediX Computing LLC provides computational solutions using advanced technology of deep-learning, one of machine learning approaches with artificial neural networks (ANNs) to deal with various healthcare problems, such as medical image processing, speech recognition for healthcare reports, natural language processing (NLP) et al.

MediX Computing also works on wireless-featured robotics in family-based healthcare devices, such as healthcare monitoring, alerting, medicine and emergency calling systems.


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