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Computational Medicine and Healthcare (CMH)

In order to quantitatively understand intrinsic structure of human biological and physiological systems in foundamental medical research and clinical translational science, we somtimes need to develop various mathematical models to simulate these complecated non-linear biological systems. The model also needs to be verified through intensive computing such as high performance computing to accompish test-bed simulations. In order words, the many computing technologies developed in the domain of computational science and engineering (CSE) can also be employed to numerically simulate biological phenomena, which leads innovative ideas to develop new methdologies for medical treatment and healthcare prevention. One of sucesses of such computation is computational bioinformatics, which helps understad human genes and biological links, then gene theraphy in clincal trials.

There are many scinories and sucessfull applications of computational medicine and healthcares. Recent article titled "Computational medicine: translating models to clinical care," [1] by Winslow RLet al at John Hopkins, published on journal Science Translational Medicine clearly address the importnace and sucesses of CMH.

CMH, through models, cna be used to understand the mechanisim of disease and to guide furure therapic treatment. CMH can be found almost everywhere in medical sciences and healthcare systems such as computational bioinformatics, nano-medicine, data processing and mining,  computational biostatistics in the fileds of radiology, concology, diabetes, cardiology, and neurology et al.

In 2010, Dr. Jun Ni, the President of MediX Computing LLC funded the first jounral on this special domain called, International Journal on Computational Medicine and Healthcare. At the present. CMH is still at the early state. More and more sucessful applications will be found in CMH, conjuncted with another high-end computing technology, healthcare big data. The big data is delicated for distributed data intensive computing while CMH is for CPU-intensive computing based on simualtion modeling and/or data proceeding.


[1] "Computational medicine: translating models to clinical care," , Trayanova N, and Geman D, Miller MI, Sci Transl Med., 2012 Oct 31;4(158):158rv11. doi: 10.1126/scitranslmed.3003528.