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Data Analysis and Mining Plays Important Part in Today's Healthcare Decision-making System

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Medical decision-making (Medical and Healthcare Decision-Making) has a big scope in the medical and health industry. It plays a very important role. Medical decision-making, however, is complex due to different social humanities and medical treatment. It is, in other words, closely related to culture, traditions, and technical conditions of a country or region where the decision is made. Basically there is no unique pattern and generalized method to be applied everywhere.


Medical decision-making, in traditional perspective view, can be defined as "clinical decision-making" (Clinic Decision-Making), which is commonly found as a a clinical medical decision support system (Clinic Decision-Making Support System, CDSS). However, This definition, with the development of technology, has gradually been replaced by a medical decision support systems enhanced by information and mangement technology.


In particular, based on rich data resources, people can conduct data analysis and mining to develop highly intelligent healthcare decision-making system. Such system is built upon the individual patient's historical healthcare data and well as the similar patients healthcare date from data warehouse. Thus, the high-performance intelligent medical decision-making support system can be established in real-time.